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Barry Dennis

Until semi-retirement in 2011, Barry Dennis attended 300 meetings a year and is most famous for his role on Channel 4’s Morning Line over the past 15 years where he would pick ‘Barry’s Bismarck’, his tip for a favourite to take on. Bookmaking has always been in Barry’s blood. Born in Romford, Essex, he first took the skills learnt as a barrow boy at his hometown market to the local dogtrack almost half a century ago. Taking in a short stint as a betting shop manager, he would go on to become the leading on-course bookie in the South East, renowned for his boisterous exchanges with punters. Barry spent the early days on the back rows of the betting ring, aiming for high turnover with low margins, until a loan from racehorse owner David Johnson allowed him to invest in front row pitches and instantly multiply his turnover from about £2 million a year to £15 million. Now 70-years-old, and after a failed attempt to retire five years previously, he is still seen on-course, but has handed the reins of the family business, which still bears his name, over to son Patrick.